Almeda Labs x Lead With Love Embodiment Sessions

Attendees at the Lead With Love 2018 Leadership Summit are being given the exciting opportunity to deepen their 4 day experience by participating in complimentary Embodiment Sessions generously underwritten by our partners at Almēda Labs. This immersion into optimal nourishment will be overseen by Stacy Tucker, RN and founder of Almēda Labs. 

There are 25 spots available on a first come first serve basis pending review of your intake form.

Almeda's goal is to pave a new road in innovation and evidence-based healthcare by utilizing compounds found in nature that show clinical promise.

Almēda utilizes cell-based research and advanced biomedical technologies to develop highly effective dietary supplements designed to prevent, sustain and treat today’s lifestyle-based health disorders.

Whether you suffer from chronic illness or strive to enhance your current state of health, we believe that you are your own healer! Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life by providing the standard in dietary supplements. We strive to translate our advanced scientific research into highly effective products, and in doing so, we aim to assist in the fight against a crisis we call “Hidden Hunger”. This crisis of nutrition deficiency is one of the major causes for preventable illnesses that humanity is facing today. Lack of proper nutrition is a precursor to various conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and many more.


The Embodiment Sessions focus on the use of dietary supplements as well as consuming a nutrient dense, whole foods diet to understand variations in glycemic loads and reduce to symptoms of chronic illness and inflammation. We meet twice daily to integrate information and participate in break-our sessions together.


The embodiment sessions will include scientifically-crafted supplements, educational content, behavioral tools, workshops, and break out sessions.


All participants will take short, quality of life surveys to help determine the personal goals and evaluate their quality of life before and after the immersion. The survey is designed to help us craft an experience that will tangibly improve your sense of wellbeing throughout the 4 days we have together.


The duration of the study will last four days from October 25-28, 2018.


Almēda Labs and other collaborators will provide educational material and twice daily sessions (AM + PM) to evaluate and support the participants.


Almēda Labs is a Kansas City-based start-up that develops nutraceuticals to help mitigate the root cause of adverse health conditions. We develop cutting-edge, scientifically formulated nutritional supplements.

The 4 Day Embodiment Sessions

As an evidence-driven company, Almēda is providing 4 days of Embodiment Sessions to showcase the educational material on carbohydrate metabolism, insulin management strategies, food portion control, and twice daily meet-ups to evaluate and support the participants on a real time basis. It is our absolute priority for participants to have all the necessary nutritional tools to help put progress into practice.

Why Supplements?

At Almēda, we understand that the journey to complete wellness is personal and multifaceted, and it is our goal to support you every step of the way. We believe in the synergistic power of healing, and chose to provide supplemental support as extended source of nutrient supply.

Our Products

To learn more about these products and their organic, plant-based ingredients, please visit .

To learn more about these products and their organic, plant-based ingredients, please visit



Join the Embodiment Sessions.

Anyone attending the 4 day Lead With Love leadership summit is welcome to join the Embodiment Sessions to experience optimal health and wellbeing at no additional expense to your 4 day pass. Simply fill out the intake form below and feel free to contact us with questions. We will be in communication with participants ahead of the summit in October to provide more detailed information and support.

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