A Lead With Love Ambassador is someone who believes in and embodies our mission of shifting culture from fear to love.

Not only do they walk the talk with integrity and grace, they also share our message and attract people to our most transformative offering, the Lead With Love Summit. 

This is a volunteer position, for those who are self-motivated and accountable.

What are the perks of becoming an ambassador?

We are grateful for your heartfelt advocacy and support. In exchange for your ambassadorship, Lead With Love will offer you:

  • An Ambassador Pass to the Summit; an all access pass that does not include food.
  • OR the opportunity to receive a full Lead With Love Summit Pass through selling 3 four-day passes to the Summit. 
  • A personal promo code, from which you will receive $50 for each time the code is used.
  • All shareable assets and information, to help spread the word across social platforms and word of mouth.
  • Membership in a team of individuals dedicated to being the change. 

What are the requirements of an ambassador?

To join our team as an ambassador, we ask that you:

  • Share our print collateral, promoting the event.
  • Share our digital collateral, promoting the event.
  • Send personal invitations to your network with your promo code.
  • Engage weekly with our social platforms.
  • Share weekly through your personal social platforms.
  • Forward all Lead With Love Newsletters to personal network.
  • Submit a weekly progress report.


To begin the process, please fill out form below.

Once received, we will be in touch to confirm next steps.

If you have any questions, please contact