Written By: Abby Stern, Lead with Love Associate Director


Take a second to think about one of your favorite memories from childhood?

Most of mine happen around a dinner table. Growing up food was a token of love my mom provided for our family. That has stuck with me throughout the years, and to this day sharing a meal, and tasty food are in my top 5 favorite things.

Meals are sacred to all species; even Ninja the Lead with Love mascot dog will let you know when it is 5pm because she is ready to feast on some kibble.

To put it lightly, I often am planning out my next meal, either on the trail, sending emails, or while eating a meal.

Recently, I had the chance to partake in a Whole Foods/Plant Based Cleanse presented by Katie Hueth of EAT {gatherings} and Lisa Cohen Fitness.

Katie Hueth, the talented chef and entrepreneur behind EAT {gatherings} was a scholarship recipient of the 2017 Lead with Love Summit, and provided the cleanse as a thank you for her experience.


Below is a conversation Katie and I had about her cooking and how she leads with love in sharing food as a source of wellbeing and in her everyday life.

ABBY:: What is most important to you when it comes to your craft?

KATIE:: The process of cooking comes from my heart, and is one of the most meditative things I do. My love and creativity are infused in every dish I create.

The food my farmers hand to me is the canvas for my masterpiece. My mind is that of an artist.  I create from what I'm given from the people I love. I love a good challenge and for my mind to have endless possibilities. They end at the plate when they are delivered to the table. It surprises me every time. And every time I'm just like that painter that has their artwork hanging in a museum. I anticipate the feedback and the reaction. When i hear, "this is so pretty, a few YUM's, or just complete silence .... I know they have experienced a real art piece


ABBY:: When did you find cooking as a way to spread your love?

KATIE:: After I stood in front of 36 people at a farm dinner and I felt like I was faking it and I knew I had to connect my heart to what I was doing. It was when I cooked for the Lyons Farmette permaculture course that I connected to the land and my farmers. When I connect with people and the integrity behind food production, it makes my heart full and allows me to be in a meditative state in the kitchen. Food is LOVE....  our farmers are our medicine

ABBY:: What are your favorite parts of being a chef?

KATIE:: Building community around food and coming up with creative menus specific to that of my clients and their palates. To create a gathering place around the kitchen and table and to literally "shake the hand of my farmer". I love going to the local farms and having the interactions with these hard worrying, passionate people who give 110% 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are the hardest working people I've ever met and it's important to me to have a deep rooted connection to and with them. The one that comes from my heart.


ABBY:: What motivates you to be the chef for a cleanse type meal plan?

KATIE:: I honestly don’t even like the popular name of a cleanse, it is more of a reset. I want people to think about eating as a way of life, not a luxury or a way to live. Eating the colors of the rainbow and a plant based diet changes your life. It has been proven to assist with weight loss, mental stability, brain function and clarity, longevity, sleep quality, skin and cell rejuvenation, and overall wellness. Over the past 15 years, my clientele has a large range... but I love to help people and change the way they think about daily eating and the importance of the local food movement. If you eat locally, your vitamin consumption is greater and the taste is like a "party in your mouth" ~ nothing is better than a vegetable that was harvested hours or minutes before you put it on the plate.


ABBY:: What is one thing you learned from Lead with Love that you have taken into your daily life?

KATIE:: Being vulnerable in this process has led me to bloom into the woman that I need to be and let my creativity shine and continue to grow.

ABBY:: How do you lead with love?

KATIE:: By following my heart and connecting to people. My farmers and my clients. If I can't cook from my heart, what's the point?  We have one chance at this short life and I want to enjoy every second professionally and personally. I love that both immesh with one another. I'm so lucky to get to do what I love, live a life with passion. You can always taste love.  

Katie’s food is fresh, colorful, satisfying and FULL of flavor in every bite. Every dish she makes is a piece of art! Even the packaging has a special touch from Katie.

At Lead with Love we often talk about life purpose, as a cross between what you LOVE to do and what the world needs. Katie is a hard working leader, living her purpose, providing fuel for the greater good. It was a honor to give her the opportunity for a weekend to recharge and reconnect at last years Summit.

The 2018 Scholars application is now open and we are looking for more humanitarian and change-maker leaders like Katie. Apply HERE or share the opportunity with someone else who is out there hustling for positive change!

EAT {gatherings} and Lisa Cohen Fitness's cleanse has limited availability and almost sold out. Visit their websites... and for more information. They offer their programs quarterly and fill up quickly.

Looking for more inspiration and connection, join us at the 2018 Lead with Love Summit, October 25th-28th.

My mantra for today….eat good food, support local business, work hard, Lead with Love, and Be The Change!


Abby Stern