Costa Rica: 300 Days of Renewable Energy

Image source: Cory Klein

Image source: Cory Klein



Image yourself on a pristine beach, with saltwater waves gently lapping over your feet . . .

Costa Rica is an island nation known for its stunning beaches and lush rainforests. Boasting over 800 miles of coastline and approximately 5% of the Earth's biodiversity (despite constituting a mere .03% of its land mass), it's not surprising that Costa Rica has become a highly sought-after destination for ecologists and tourists alike. What many fail to note, however, is just how far Costa Rica has progressed in recent years with regards to clean energy consumption.

In 2017, Costa Rica's electric system ran entirely on renewable energy for a total of 300 days. 300 days!

Ninety-nine percent of Costa Rica's energy is generated using primarily five sources: hydropower (78%), geothermal energy (10%), wind power (10%), and biomass and solar (1%). To make a shocking comparison, only an estimated 10% of the United States' energy in 2016 was generated using renewable energy resources (source: While juxtaposing these two nations is an unfair parallel, it is important to highlight the level of investment Costa Rica has made in renewable energy sources and the consistent growth the country has achieved since opening the first wind farm in 1996. Furthermore, Costa Rica has one of the most intelligent and modernized centers for energy management in Central America, the National Center for Energy (CENCE).

Costa Rica's sustainability achievements aren't limited to energy usage, however. The Ecolones program is attempting to place Costa Rica on the global forefront for recycling, and has established the lofty goal of eliminating single-use plastics within the next four years.

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Image source:  Jetsetter .

Image source: Jetsetter.

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