O2 Aspen + 1% For the Love


What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to create a beautiful, serene place for people to improve and appreciate their mind, body and soul. I wanted to spread the idea and feeling of confidence and beauty within ourselves.

What part of running your business do you love?

I love watching our clients smile and feel like they have walked into a place that feels like home. I love working with and providing careers for ambitious and loyal employees in Aspen.

What is the most challenging part of biggest opportunity?

(Not sure I totally understand this question) but the most challenging part of running a business is creating an amazing employee/management culture. Trying to manage employees of many different lifestyles/backgrounds/priorities is always a challenge but can be done!

What does it mean to you to Lead With Love?

Lead your life with empathy. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes usually changes any animosity or anger you may feel towards something or someone.

How do you Lead With Love in your business or community?

I try to be empathetic with any issues that arise with O2 employees or clients. The golden rule will always be a frame of reference for me, as elementary as it sounds.

Why did you decided to support 1% For The Love?

To support Project Wellbeing community wellbeing programs

Abby Stern