Attending Lead With Love

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Hi, I’m Sarah Sanders. I moved to Aspen in June to take a job at the Wheeler Opera House as their new Community Events Manager. One of the reasons I took this job was in the title alone. I wanted to be grounded in a community. I wanted to be a contributing player in a community. I wanted to be around like minded people with access to the outdoors. I learned about Lead With Love (LWL) by seeing many people walking around Aspen in these cute Love Aspen Hats. I searched their social media, read one sentence about transforming fear to love, and immediately fell in love with this organization. It was to my surprise that a week later, my boss Gena Buhler, Executive Director at the Wheeler had set up a meeting with Nicole Lindstrom from the LWL team.  It was there over coffee and cronuts that I learned about the Leadership Summit and decided I had to figure out a way to attend.

In my interview with Gena we talked specifically about growth personally and professionally. She explained to me the importance of maintaining a healthy work life balance was key to the team. I wanted to believe this was true, but was cautious to fully buy in because my younger doe eyed self had been sold many corporate promises only to then be disappointed with little to no follow through. When Gena and I discussed finding a way to attend the summit, she was extremely supportive and encouraging. I went home that night and reflected on my life and how the heck I ended up here. I was so full of gratitude and on the brink of tears because this was the universe telling me one more time that making the move to Aspen was the right decision.

Lead With Love

Self development, personal growth and leadership trainings have been a constant in my life from a very young age. I remember being 13 years old and borrowing my Dad's book, How to Win Friends and Influence People off of his shelf, because I thought I needed to know how to make as many friends as I could. I was right about that. Fast forward to my twenties and I’m starving for growth and development in my career and seeking out strong mentors. I was spending thousands of dollars out of pocket on trainings, books, workshops, speakers, meditation, yoga teacher trainings, life coaches and more to get the development I was desperately wanting in my career and personal life. The problem was I didn’t have strong bosses who were supporting me through this. They loved the new skills I had acquired, but weren’t willing to financially invest in any of these workshops.

Lead With Love Aspen

So here I am at thirty-onederful years old with a new life in Aspen, with a strong mentor, and starting to ingrain myself in this amazing community. Imagine my shock when I heard about the Lead with Love Summit, that encompasses everything I’ve been seeking for years all bundled up into one event in my new hometown, lead by an organization that I get to have a professional and personal relationship with. With the blessing from my boss to add this into my professional development plan I have nothing but a heart full of gratitude and excitement for what’s to come.

My sincere hopes for the Lead With Love Summit:

I hope for connection

I hope for connection with others and with myself

I hope for openness

I hope for community

I hope for vulnerability and breakthroughs

I hope to learn about doing business for good

I hope to learn more about conscious leadership

I hope for techniques to staying true to yourself in today’s hustle

I hope to be inspired

I hope to learn more about myself and what I’m capable of

I hope to break down some walls and rebuild

I hope for new skills to take with me in the world

I hope for movement

I hope to be 100% present

I hope to absorb as much knowledge as I can

I hope to leave full mentally, physically and spiritually

I hope to see you there.

Love & Light,

Sarah Sanders

Are you interested in professional development like Sarah? Join us at the Lead With Love Summit this fall in Aspen and learn strategic business development skills to advance your career and elevate your life.