Attend Together


Join the leaders of our time who are answering the call to boldly LEAD WITH LOVE personally and professionally. 

Bring your team together in Aspen, CO for a chance to reconnect and reimagine a world of endless possibilities. 

This is not your average “Corporate Training”. You will leave this Summit inspired by global thought leaders who share tangible tools for leadership and wellbeing, you will feel good in your body from movement and meditation, and you will be more fully connected to yourself and your team, guaranteed.

Change towards greater good is upon us and now is the time to start enacting the beliefs we hold in our hearts, but don't always know how to implement through the day-to-day constructs of our work and of our lives. 

We have to start somewhere. 

Lead With Love is our call to action towards social impact and heart-centered leadership. 



The Lead With Love Leadership Summit is a training for employees of any industry, and all who are interested in the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and how individuals and organizations can make a deeper impact through leadership.


The Summit is designed to provide tangible tools for employees to apply directly to their efforts at work, enhancing their ability to think clearly and focus, to exercise compassion though all co-worker and client interfacing, and to instill the drive of purpose through heart-centered leadership.


Because you believe that the wellbeing of one, enhances the wellbeing of all. By joining us at our annual Leadership Summit, you are taking action towards heart-centered leadership and positive social impact. Be The Change.


Tangible Takeaways

  • Techniques for self-inquiry + study

  • Targeted practices of movement, breath, meditation

  • Specific strategies for heart-centered leadership

  • The neuroscience of mindfulness

  • Tools for memory + focus

  • Best practices for making an impact locally + globally

  • The opportunity to connect to a powerful network of business leaders

  • Compassion in the workplace

  • Mindfulness + managing stress in the workplace

  • Authentic communication



Individual and Team Benefits::



With like minded CEOs, Executives, and ignited individuals from across the globe, building your personal network of today's most intriguing heart-centered leaders over 4 days in Aspen, Colorado.


You will learn how best to take care of yourself, so that you can take actionable steps towards transforming your life and care for the greater good of yourself and your chosen profession. 


Guided inquiry into self, leadership, practices for positive social and global impact.



A renewed sense of purpose in life and in business. What can YOU do to be the change? Our leadership summit will provide you with the inspiration and the tools to take action and make a lasting impact on your life, the lives of others and the planet.


Ticket Options

  • $300 per Day Pass (*includes breakfast + lunch)

  • $950 per Full Lead with Love Summit Pass (*includes breakfast + lunch)

  • $1,000 per transferable pass (*does not include food)

HOTEL Options

  • Rooms starting at $119 on-site at the Aspen Meadows.

  • Rooms starting at $99 in downtown Aspen.

FLight Options

  • The closest airport is Aspen Pitkin County Airport-ASE

  • Denver International Airport is approx. 3 hours away